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Friday, May 9, 2008

Know Your Surroundings!

So I'm driving home today from picking up dinner and as I'm driving down the freeway, a pickup goes flying past me at what I assume is somewhere in the 80-90 range. Usually I'll shake my fist and shout obscenities at this idiot, but today I noticed a glowing white beacon of hope, a Highway Patrol officer. This idiot sees the officer and slams on his breaks bringing himself down to the required 65.

Most stories will end there with everyone driving on their merry way home, but captain moronic decides he wants to be even dumber. The patrol officer saw the driver when he was driving towards him and makes silent chase, no lights, no siren, just following. In this situation, I would drive cautiously home, doing 50-60 to avoid any problems. Here's where it gets good.

The officer was tailgating the driver pretty close, I'm sure if they were parked, you wouldnt be able to walk between them, after about a mile of this, bonehead driver starts getting uncomfortable and changes lanes, guess who follows? He then changes lanes again, officer follows. Our genius driver decides his best course of action would be to speed up, pass the driver in the lane to the right of him, and then change lanes. After doing this, the driver in the middle lane knows what's going on, slows down, and allows the officer to change lanes with our lovable moron.

The officer decides that this was enough, on come the lights and to the side of the freeway they go. Moral of the Story ladies and gents? If you have a guilty concience, don't show it by avoiding arrest. That $110 is now likely coming with some overnight jail time.


Lyon said...

Hehe that police office was just toying with him eh?

Anyway, serve him right :)

PS: Why don't you allow anonymous comments? you'll get more comments that way