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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The President of the United States of America is likely the last person you expect to pull a fast one on you. Ladies and gentlemen, I think that may have just happened. While I do believe more focus needs to be placed on our troops in Afghanistan, I think our pres just played a cruel joke on us.

Two days ago the news was all about how Bush wanted to lower the troop count in Iraq. This was met with great praise, "Finally, the President gets it!" you may be thinking. Not so fast, we're only taking out 8,000, which is great on paper until you realize that we have over 140,000 troops on the ground in Iraq and only 20,000 in Afghanistan. 5%, good job Bushie, I think you may have convinced.. well, no one. Why is it this image comes to mind right now?

Oh the faster this man is out of office the better.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Great American Abortion Flip Flop

There has been some concern recently about Barack Obama's stance on abortion, is he for it, is he against it? Whats going on?

Well ladies and gentlemen, let me break it down for you, it's actually very simple.



There, debate solved.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Democrats... Geritol... Whats the difference?

It was recently reported that during an interview, John McCain stated that he wanted to make sure the best minds were in positions in the government, and went on to say that there will definitely be Democrats in his cabinet...

The problem was actually that McCain was confused and was actually stating that he will be taking plenty of vitamins to make sure his mind is sharp and that there will be plenty of Geritol in his medicine cabinet, poor old man is losing it.

Don't worry Mr. McCain, the home they are speaking of is not actually the White House... but at least there will be plenty of people there to help you..

344,000 Thousand Motivator!

Everyone loves watching a major news station make a fool of themselves, and everyone loves motivational posters, here... best of both worlds!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fox: Republicans Have Lost 344m Voters!!

Holy Crap! Why is John McCain even trying, if you're out matched like this, you might as well just let Obama just walk right into the White House!

Last time I checked, 344,000 Thousand is 344,000,000 thats 344 Million voters!
Silly me, I thought we only had about 300 Million people, I guess that's why we have so many non registered voters, they used to be Republicans.

Here's the proof!

So... Come November, things are looking a little bleak for the McCain/Palin ticket.

Amateur Economics with Oil Prices

Because my day is generally pretty slow, I like to follow the economy via Yahoo Finance. The most common thing I like to follow is the price of crude oil, because damn it, I'm getting tired of gas prices, so I decided to do a little bit of math here to figure when gas prices will get down into range, ladies and gents, Amateur Economics:

(Disclaimer: My history with Economics is the course I took to graduate High School and then a Macro-Economic Principles class I took my second semester of college, so really, don't debate using the information you see here)

So without further adieu, here goes nothing:

Date Price of Oil Price of Gas Percentage
4-Sep 75 2.94 3.920%
1-Jan 100 3.3 3.300%
10-Mar 110 3.33 3.027%
5-May 120 3.8 3.167%
25-May 130 4.15 3.192%
3-Jul 147 4.39 2.986%
20-Jul 130 4.24 3.262%
10-Aug 120 4.09 3.408%
1-Sep 110 3.8 3.455%
5-Sep 106 3.78 3.566%

From this math, I've concluded that the price of gas is usually around 3% the price of oil. The scary thing is the fact that the lower the price of oil is, there more the gas costs per $, when gas was at it's highest in July, it only made up of 2.9% the price of oil, but when gas gets lower it's more case in point Sep 2007, it made up just shy of 4% the cost of oil. Sure, there are plenty of extenuating circumstances that make this up, but it's something to watch. People are so pleased to see the price of gas go down, they may not realize that its actually THEN and not BEFORE, the oil companies are taking advantage of us. Imagine if it's always a flat 3%, never up, never down, the price of gas could be at 3.18 right now with $106 oil.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin, VPILF

Although it's not actually correct, she's more like a VPCILF, since she's only the candidate, VPILF sounds better. (I Pronounce it V-PILF, please correct me if I'm wrong). I decided to throw together some posters for the lovely couple in honor of their new role as presidential and vice presidencial candidates.

These were literally thrown together in 15 minutes between google searching for pics and randomly thinking of a tagline. I'll gladly accept any ideas, email me your tagline at 02sense@live.com, you can send the full picture or just the tagline and what you want it to look like and I'll eventually have a post of just submitted posters, enjoy.