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Saturday, January 26, 2008

10 Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Rebate

So the government wants to give you an extra $300-$1200 this year because of our shaky economic situation. The plan is that you will go and spend this in a way that will send the economy back upwards, but really, who wants to worry about that, when you have 10 perfectly good things to spend your tax rebate on!

10. 80Gb Sony PS3 - According to electronics retailer Best Buy, they will begin phasing out the 80gb model of the Playstation 3, we all knew the system would fail, but now's your chance, wait awhile, they will price drop them, and remember the 80gb model is the only one backwards compatable to play your old ps2 games on, seriously, who wouldnt want to play Guitar Hero via HDMI to a nice HD LCD TV? Which brings us to #9!

9. A New TV, with the plumetting price of HDTV's, it's easy to find a nice tv under the 1 grand range, check out this nice 42" LCD from LG on Bestbuy.com. My point exactly.

8. Alcohol, lots and lots of it. With 300-1200 worth of alcohol, you can almost forget the fact the bank is about to forclose on your house.

7. Sex Toys, after your wife left your broke ass, what better way to pass time than have some fun with a good fleshlight?

6. Season tickets to your local sports team, with the economy in the toilet, sports teams will be lacking spectators, because most people, will be spending their paychecks on food and bills.

5. Pay down credit card debt. Things suck now, but eventually the housing market will look up, and you can make a killing being a reseller, oh wait, you defaulted on 3 credit cards, better luck in 7 years when your credit repairs itself

4. Buy stuff on Ebay, if you wait long enough, people will become desperate enough they will start pawning off their stuff on the most popular garage sale on earth. Assuming you aren't one of those poor saps, you can buy their stuff on the cheap and sell it back for some money, can you say "cha ching"?

3. Drugs. That poor man has resorted to selling drugs on the street corner to make money to feed his family, instead of giving him the money, you should at least get a good high from it. Think of it as a community service.

2. Sex. Do you know how much you can get for 1200 bucks? I don't either, but I bet it'd be good.

1. Vega$. When all else fails, gamble it, who knows, if your lucky enough, you can turn that 300 into 3 million.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wonderful world of the web.

Thanks to alexa (www.alexa.com) we can peer into the browsing habits of the tech savvy, and what an interesting find we make...

To no one's amazement, google (www.google.com) is the most visited website in the United States.

We can also draw some conclusions from this list as well.

As of Thursday 1/17/08:

Porn is more important than electronics:

1. Megarotic - #11 (www.megarotic.com)
2. YouPorn - #30 (www.youporn.com)


1. Best Buy - #31 (www.bestbuy.com)
2. Circuit City - #50 (www.circuitcity.com)

Digg > Stumbleupon

(personally, from my blogging experience from other blogs, this is not the case. Stumbleupon, being based on interests you set, sends "better" visitors to your site. As they stay longer and browse around the blog longer.)

1. Digg - #29 (www.digg.com)
2. Stumbleupon - #78 (www.stumbleupon.com)

The internet allows you to check on a movie so you know not to rent that god awful movie.

1. Internet Movie Database - #17 (www.imdb.com)
2. Netflix - #52 (www.netflix.com)

That last one could mean a few things, either 1 out of every 3 times you read a synopsis for a movie, you decide not to rent it, or sometimes you just need to know who that one guy in that one movie was... 3 times.

CNN>New York Times> Fox News

You can't fight the facts people:

1. Cable News Network - #19 (www.cnn.com)
2. New York Times - #32 (www.nytimes.com)
3. Fox News - #94 (www.foxnews.com)