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Monday, February 25, 2008

Will Lindsay pull a Marilyn?

So we know she did a nude photo shoot to remake Marilyn's Last Sitting, but if you look into the life of Ms. Lohan, you know shes had some interesting run-ins with things that can kill her, sure Marilyn's death was labled as suicide by some circles, murder by others, and manslaughter by accidental doctor induced OD. But the fact she died young is what we're looking at today.

Let's look at the facts:

1. Busted for drunk driving, not once, but many times. Likelihood of DUI Death? 4/5

2. Recently entered rehab for drugs. Likelihood of Drug OD? 2/5

So we have a few options, but then again she could realize somethings wrong in her life, fade from the public eye and then have a reality show in her 40's. Better copyright Learning Lohan or something along the lines of Breaking Bonaduce.

Or, she could stay in the public eye because she can't stand to be away from it, and do whatever is necessary to keep herself in the tabloids until she starts to fade because she's not interesting anymore, and we see her in a porn flick.

Only time will tell.