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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Life isn't Always Funny

I'm going to drift off topic a little bit because of recent happenings in my life. I pride myself on being able to get through any situation by using humor. As I write this, I'm sitting in the waiting room at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit while my girlfriend's little brother is sitting in the room with tubes all in and out of him. When you hear the phrase don't do drugs, you do little to worry about it. A 16 Year old kid in intensive care with a cocaine overdose is enough to care.

Nothing prepares you for something like this. Everyone knows someone who has been in the hospital, but the sight of someone you love, someone that young, lying on a bed with a machine helping him breathe, you aren't ready for that.

At this point, we do not know what will happen, multiple stories from multiple docs. They had him knocked out all last night to help his body come off the drugs, but they were saying his motions while unconcious may signal brain damage. Currently he has undergone multiple tests to see the extent of the damage as his heart stopped twice while in the ambulance.

I wish I could finish this with an April Fools, but like I said, Life just isn't always funny.

Update 4/13.

He has been moved out of ICU to a Regular bed in the hospital, all vitals are good, right now we are just praying for a full mental recovery. Most recent MRI shows brain damage in the area's that control hips and shoulders, possibly vision as well, but we won't know until he is able to speak again and let us know for sure. He is able to move his arms and legs as he has kicked a few people lol. Luckily he is under the age of 18 and his brain should be able to re-map what areas control what.