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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Must be a Mental Handicap...

Novel concept, right? If I have some kind of disability that makes walking long distances difficult, I'm allowed to park closer to the door. Seems simple enough, but there are people out there that sure like to mess with societies rules. I give you the story of mental handicap lady.

So, my girlfriend and I decide we want to go out to eat, and the restaurant of choice is Panda Express. Quick Chinese food, yea! As we arrive, the place is pretty busy, so we end up parking towards the back, no problem, we are both able bodied young adults. As we are walking in, a newish Corvette comes flying around the corner and parks haphazardly into the closest handicap spot. We walk in and she comes running in (I use running to explain that she has NO problem walking, whatsoever.)

She is now behind us in line and I hear her valley-girl conversation behind us talking to what I'm assuming was a friend or fellow moron.

"Yeah, I'm almost there, it's like totally busy in here tonight"

At this point we're already ordering, so shes no more than 1 minute away from ordering. As we are going through the line I'm thinking to myself.. Damn those Eggrolls look delicious, but I don't know, it's already a bunch of food. Normally, my decisions aren't based on vengeance, but this lady deserved it. I think it was actually Karma that lead me to do this, but I did it anyway. She's barking at the guy serving her food what she wants, and I hear her speak the words "Chicken Egg Roll" at this point I decide, you know what, that last eggroll looks EXTREMELY delicious right now. Being in front of her in line, I order one on the spot. Last one enters my bag along with my other food, as she is advised by the guy that, I'm sorry, we're out, you'll need to wait until we make some more.

We pay, and leave, all the while people are passing her in line because she wants her eggroll. I was thinking of reporting her license plate for parking in a handicap spot and being able-bodied, but I figure Karma got her today and I was a happy man.