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Friday, March 28, 2008

My Cat is Planning to Take Over the World

Meet Gizmo, He's planning on taking over the world, I think. The problem of course is that I do not speak cat, so I can not simply ask him, but here's my thoughts.

He has a secret agenda, when everyone in the house is sitting around watching TV or playing Guitar Hero, he just runs in, and then runs to another room, no one knows why he does this.

He also has this thing where when you leave, he makes it a point to be exactly where he was when you left, as if he was hiding something. Sure, I can assume he's lazy and just stays in 1 spot for 9 hours I'm at work, but I know better. I have 3 roommates, my girlfriend and 2 others, he does this with all 4 of us. His usual spot is right inside the door leading to the garage under the dining room chairs. Here's Gizmo's day from morning to night...

7:20, Wake Up Troy, usually with excessive cat screams and very fluffy tail in the face.

7:20-8:00 Unaccounted for, as soon as I make the motion to get out of bed, he's gone. Likely to his secret laboratory somewhere in the house.

As I leave at 8:00 he's in his spot under the chairs.

8:00-5:30 I am at work, so he is likely plotting during these times. Unfortunately, plotting could just be another word for sleeping, as he is in fact a cat.

As soon as the garage opens at 5:00 as I have heard from the others, is that he will then run down the stairs to make sure he is under the chair. A quick meeeeeeeeoow and he's gone.

Over the course of the next few hours, you will hear him running around the house. Entering the room to eat, drink, and poop, only to disappear a few minutes later. He's about a year old now, so that would make him about 7 in cat years, anyone know if there is such thing as an "Evil Genius Cat Prodigy?"

Sorry about the quality of the pic, I was doing laundry and the only camera I had was my phone, so it's a little blurry.