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Monday, October 13, 2008

Politics Trumps Math, Everytime.

Watch this video before continuing, it's Barack Obama's campaign ad talking about tax breaks to the average American.

100 Million Americans get NO TAX RELIEF AT ALL!!!

Barack Obama pledges to give us 3 TIMES Nothing, unfortunately, last time I checked, that's still nothing.

I'm definitely no economist or even a math whiz, no poli-sci major, no lawyer, I'm just undecided average Joe. Sure, that ad hit hard when I first heard it, then I started thinking how much sense it didn't make.

Just throwing that out there.

And before everyone jumps on the "OMG Conservative Blogger!" Bandwagon, take a look at some of my other posts, I don't hate Obama, I hate politicians.


CaspianX said...

Not quite. The "100 million" number in question is referring to McCain's dependent exemption, which doesn't apply to any specific class, but which would exclude an estimated 100 million people (I assume those without dependents). Of those who it would include, McCain's plan would offer roughly 1/3 the amount that Obama's plan (which doesn't apply specifically to dependents) would offer.

In the end, it of course depends on your marital status, your work status, and your income level, so in some situations the difference can even be more dramatic - A two-parent working family with a kid in high school and another in college would get an extra $125 (give or take) under McCain, while they would receive $3700 under Obama from various combined credits.

And as it happens, I would benefit under Obama, too. I'm single (girlfriend doesn't count) with no dependents, but I work, which means I'll be getting an average $500 tax cut under Obama. Under McCain, I get nothing. No dependents, no tax cut. So that makes me one of those 100 million.

Math only works when you compare apples to apples. Comparing apples to oranges doesn't work so well.

If you want to read up on the specifics of Obama's claims, and see a comparison to McCain's, he has some on his website: