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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Government, F You.

To Whom it may concern,

This month, 533,000 people were laid off, thats 533,000 people who are no longer bringing in any money for themselves or their families. Most of these people will be turning to their state's Department of Economic Security to file for Unemployment Benefits, after all, that's what this dept is for. Unfortunately, in just about every state, they cannot get thru to speak to anyone. Congratulations on passing meaningless legislation to CONTINUE unemployment benefits, but you know what? 533,000+ people wont be filing for continued benefits, we're trying to file for our first paycheck. Yeah, that whopping $240/wk may not be a ton of money, but that's better than nothing. How about instead of worrying about whether or not banks can continue to give loans to people who have no money, you help the people who genuinely need help. How about instead of making it impossible to speak with someone, you dont leave their file sitting there for 4 weeks while creditors need their money. How about instead of bailing out everyone else, lets bail out normal people.

In conclusion, Fuck you.