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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wait a second, that's not right...

With the market going down the toilet and people losing their jobs at an alarming rate, many people are turning to the internet to supplement their income or get themselves a career change. For those who read my letter to the govt, I'm sure you can tell I'm unemployed now. So I have my resume posted on the usuals; Monster, Careerbuilder, Jobing.com, and I've gotten a few good ones that I'm pursuing and some that are not quite legit. Let's explore...

I'm not going to change anything from the email correspondence I received from the company; emphasis will be placed though.

Dear Troy,

Allow me introduce myself - I am Andrey Dubinin. I function as a hiring manager at One Box Advertising Company. I have located your candidature at www.monster.com. I am honored
to propose the following:

Type of job - Work from home W - 2.
Wages - $1500 - 2000 per month
Time for work - 2 - 3 hours a day (can be modified upon the request)
Mode of job - flexible

- We do not demand payment from you for anything
- This is not a MLM or a get rich quick scheme.
- This is a fee based job; you are paid based on performance.

One Box has been operating and actively thriving on the advertising market more than ten years.
Our activities primarily include trading ad campaigns both
to companies and individuals worldwide.

Currently we are employing Service Managers to aid to improve the marketing structure.

To obtain more information about our activities you can browse this URL: http://www.one-box.org

If you are interested, please leave your comments with your contact information at E MAIL manager@one-box.org and our agent will contact you in due course.

One Box Advertising
e mail: manager@one-box.org

Okay, so lets take a look, they want to offer me $1500-$2000 a month working 2-3 hours a day, they want me to make $33.33/hr working from home? Cool!

Red flag 2, they need to remind me that it's NOT a get rich quick scheme, which is good because 33 an hour isn't going to get anyone rich quick.

So I send the following:

Pardon me if I sound a little skeptical, your offer definitely sounds nice, but what does the job entail? Is it a sales job?

Most importantly, how am I making that money with that few amount of hours worked?

Reminder, nothing in this has been changed; so after that email gets sent, I was sure they would ignore me and move on to someone else, but alas, a week later I get this:

Dear Troy,

It is our pleasure to offer you employment with One Box in the position of Service Manager commencing on the terms set forth in the enclosed job description. Our organization offers various benefits to new employees which are described in the attachment to this letter.

If you would like to apply for this job offer, please follow these steps:

1. Read the JOB OFFER

2. Send me an e-mail containing these details:

I, your full name, consent to the job offer terms and desire to apply for this position.


3. You will receive the application forms and documents within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about the job offer, terms or conditions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly
, I will assist you with any step of the recruiting process. Thank you for your interest in our team.

Sincerely Yours,

Andrey Dubinin

HR manager

Wait a second, I ask you for information and you send me a form letter letting me know that if I have questions, I can ask you. How sweet.

Thanks Andrey,
I appreciate you getting back to me, but the email you sent didn't answer my questions, what would I be doing?

I was expecting to either receive nothing or another form letter like the one above, but I was surprised again.

I received an email that contained a word doc outlining the job duties which, of course, I will post here.


One Box Advertising Inc. would like to offer you once in a life time opportunity. The attachment to this letter includes a job offer for a position within the ranks of One Box Advertising, a large thriving advertising company. Basically, we’re offering you the position of service manager – a wholesome part of the company itself – without the hassle of a desk job. This in no way means that you don’t have to be responsible for doing the job. However, it is a prime opportunity for

you to receive a wholesome salary for doing so.


In the long run, One Box Advertising is focused on buying, selling and exchanging online ad places, creating marketing plans for Internet-oriented projects and large clients. We’ve recently expanded our business activity to accepting orders from international customers and thus we offer you to become an important link in this new and progressively developing field. You will be in control of receiving orders, payments and transactions from our clients and investors. We are hiring new employees to this position because of local and international laws prohibiting direct orders and transactions from foreign parties. Doing so would require either opening local offices or hiring official sales representatives to handle all related duties. Every order will begin with the receiving an invoice and include a multi-step process to be carried out with utmost competence and diligence. Students, parents, self-employed people or even the unemployed: this is a chance for everyone with three hours and more of free time every day.

Note that acceptance of this offer would imply a very specific type of employment. You would become an at-will employee for the company, meaning that the employment can be terminated by either side at any time for any reason.

For your consideration below are the employee plans to choose from if you decide to accept this job offer. You may take your time to look through them and decide which one suits your interests and your capabilities the best.

Employee plan offer

1. Personal account plan. With this plan you will represent personal interests of our company on the territory of USA. With this plan you will work with our clients and partners, processing orders and performing simple online office duties. You will need to set up a personal checking account under your name for these purposes. You will receive a fixed 10% net from each cashed amount manually taken after each transaction.

2. Business account plan. With this plan you will represent our company’s business interests on the territory of USA. You will work with dedicated and personal clients only. You will process orders from our business clients and private investors. . You will need to set up a business account under your name for these purposes due to the high amount of every transaction. You will receive a fixed 15% net from each cashed amount manually taken after each transaction.

I will be accepting payments, in an account under *MY* name, and then forwarding the money to you. That doesn't sound illegal AT ALL!

What would you all recommend? It sure sounds like money laundering, but then again, I used to work for a Credit Card company, so I could be biased. Second of all, who would I even send it to? the freakin' FBI?


Greg said...

Great post - it made me chuckle, despite the fact that the topic is decidedly not funny!

I cannot tell you how angry I get when I hear about scams like this. The circumstances make it all the more disgusting. The saddest thing is that they wouldn't send these sorts of notices out if they didn't work. That means that some innocent, vulnerable people are being taken advantage of.

Best of luck with your job search - I'll keep you in my thoughts!

Anonymous said...

March 2009: this scam is still going strong. Thanks to Greg, only the absolutely stupid/desperate will get tied up in it.

I had to check it out because at least they didn't offer me a gig, sight unseen. Alas, it was just more excrement!

Chelsea Monet Fort said...

I got an email from this company too--I believe I contacted them originally via Craigslist. The lack of details in the email (not even a reference to the position I was interested in) and the genericness of their website (http://promobreak.com/) led me to google them--and I found your post. Thanks for the heads up.