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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It Doesn't Need to Explode!

Okay, I need to air this because it's getting out of control. Yesterday I filled my gas tank for my little Toyota Yaris, maybe a 12 gallon tank at best. Cost me $40! Luckily I get around 42 mpg in my car so I don't feel it, except I drive 75 miles a day so I need to fill up at least once a week, that gets expensive still.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not a tree hugging hippy, but it's time to move away from gasoline. It's outdated, we're still using(albiet a modified version) the same crap we used to power our cars 80 years ago, it's time to move on.

"Hybrid!" You hear people screaming, "Bio Diesel" is another one you hear tossed around, but frankly, it's the same ole shit, pardon my French, but this really irks me. We complain about gas prices because of oil prices, hybrid wont fix that, we still need gas. Bio Diesel wont change anything, because when it becomes popular, the price of corn goes up. It's the same vicious cycle people, and it has no end in sight. We need something drastic.

Electric is a perfect way to go, if only it wasn't a pain. The last thing I want is to get ready to go in the morning and realize that I forgot to plug my car in last night. All the money car companies can bring in if they can find something else, and all the bright people they can recruit, and we still have nothing. Why? because up until now, the combustion engine worked, why change it when we can just modify it. Get over yourself, it doesn't need to explode to power a car.

Now is the time for someone to come up with the next great idea. The world needs it.


Anonymous said...

wow, are you ever naive. have you considered how many are employed by the oil industry? plans and policy need to be made. check the plans and policy of your leaders. you'll be fossil fuel dependent until that changes. goodbye

Anonymous said...

The answer isn't electrical. We still need a power source to generate electricity and Solar and wind just can't do it all. The answer isn't the technology but the way we use it. The internal combustion engine is just fine for cars but we need a better fuel. That Fuel is hydrogen. Anyone using a diesel engine right now can convert it to burn hydrogen with nothing more changed then the fuel system itself. Hydrogen can be extracted from water and geothermal can be used to create power to extract hydrogen. The problem is no one wants to spend the money to build the infrastructure we need