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Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to be a Good President

Let this be known, this is not advice for Bush, he's too far gone, this is for McCain or Obama, whoever wins in 2008 and anyone after them. I'm not going to go political on you guys, so if you want something to flame the comment section about, go elsewhere, this is strictly humorous or possibly serious, depends how you want it to be.

Here's the list:

1. I would have a person in my cabinet, or even just a normal adviser who is the exact opposite of me. If you're a republican, get a member of the ACLU to be on the board, if you're a democrat, perhaps an NRA member. But the point is, that this person's job would be to disagree with you on everything, causing you to make sure you think of all aspects before making a decision.

2. Run a blog, with the rise of the internet, and as long as we keep Net Neutrality, most people can access the web. Sure, we've had maintream media for some time now, but honestly, not many of them can be trusted, ex. "Liberal Media" and "Faux News". Who to better hear it from them the President himself?

3. On the topic of blogs, have a person, or group of people in charge of blogger/internet relations, McCain had a similar version of this with his 'Townhall' style of campain, but lost it as the race got bigger, but wouldnt it be easier to email ThePresident@whitehouse.gov and have someone read it and then give a report to the president? Goes back to thinking things through before acting.

Fourth, last, and most importantly.

Get my head out of my ass. Sure, I'm the president, but there's no point in having my head in the clouds. The common theme here is that there is no reason not to look around and see what people are saying about you, if you make an unfavorable decision, address it. Guess what, half of the country will likely disagree with what you have to say, and the president that finally does, will have the highest approval rating of any president, EVER.