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Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Do All Hospitals Seem to Suck at Everything?

Through the course my life, I've had a few family members in and out of various hospitals, the amazing thing about this, the food always sucks. Can anyone explain this one to me?

Sure, I can see why patient food would suck, they have to supply it for free to every patient they have, so it's understandable that they would want to save money. Now, if I'm going to go to their cafeteria, and pay 10 bucks for a Grilled Cheese, why would I want the bread to be stale and the cheese to be uncooked? I don't, but somehow, that's always how it ends up. Or I always have the option of going somewhere close like a McDonalds or something of that nature, but I can't bring it back into the room to spend time with my family member, because they don't allow food past 5 feet inside the door.

The best part is, hospitals will always be able to get away with this, if it was any corporation, you would see a company change it, and then bring in loads and loads of business, the problem, where ever you happen to be when you get hit by a truck, that's where they ambulance is taking you. At least in Phoenix, it's law that the driver is required to take you to the nearest hospital to your location, no matter how much you or your family members ask otherwise. Make sure to think of that next time you're choosing a house, if you have an accident there and need to be rushed by ambulance to a hospital, where are you going?

My girlfriends mother went to urgent care to have a rash looked at, they advised her that it was MRSA(Lovely little infection) that she contracted while at the hospital with her son, and that they would like to get an ambulance to take her to the hospital to get it treated, she politely declined, as the nearest hospital was Paradise Valley Hospital in PHX, and the place is a waste of space. (The doctors actually lost her when her family was looking for her a few years back, how do you LOSE a patient?). Thus driving her infected self to another hospital 10 miles away to John C Lincoln Hospital.

While I'm on the topic of hospital complaints, someone tell me why I should pay to park there? I show up, I'm in enough emotional distress as I have someone I care about in the hospital and you crazy people want me to pay $1-$5 a day for parking. Screw that noise.

So there ya have it folks, I'm sure everyone hates hospitals for one reason or another, my reason is not because sick people are there, it's because they suck in general.

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