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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3 Bed/2.5 Bath/No Pizza

There are certain things that should be required to disclose when you purchase or lease a house. Things like murders, Indian burial grounds, lack of pizza delivery, things of that nature. Most people assume that as long as you are in the area of a city as large as Phoenix, you would be able to have pizza delivered to your house, not this house!

No, we don't have a vicious dog that will attack everyone so the pizza guy stays away, we're just lucky enough to live in the 3 square miles of northern phoenix that does not have a pizza place around. Check this out, it is a map of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, north of Loop 101, with Domino's Pizza locations marked.

As you can see, the locations are quite wide-spread to allow maximum pizza delivery location, now check this out, this is the same picture, only with their delivery route's boxed.

Ok, so I understand Phoenix is a big ass city and we cant expect 1 store to cover 20 miles, but would it kill a driver to possibly drive an extra mile or so to deliver a pizza? It would be moronic to put a Dominos along Carefree HWY/I-17 Junction to service possibly 400 people at best, but cmon, we order pizza for the convenience, if I need to drive to get my pizza, it really loses it's luster. And the best part, this isn't just Domino's, all pizza places like to build right next to eachother, so I guess the driver can work for 3 different places in the same night or something, so no pizza delivery, whatsoever!


A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

But just imagine the extra business the pizza place that decides to deliver to your neck of the woods would rake in!

Sometimes I just wonder about business decisions that seem to make no sense...

A. Caleb Hartley