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Friday, May 16, 2008

New Tradition: Memorial Day Tree!

I'll be honest, I still have our Christmas Tree from last year in our backyard. Maybe it's because I'm lazy, maybe it's because I have a strong fondness for it, or possibly what I went through to get it?

So yeah, it's still chilling out there, quite dead, but nonetheless, still there. So we've made a joke out of the poor decaying tree.

  • January - New Years Tree, it was still in the house at this point.
  • February - Valentines Tree, it was moved to the back yard.
  • March - Easter Tree, its out in the back yard, staying alive fairly well still because of the rain we usually get around this time.
  • April - Unnamed, we're too busy to do anything with it tree, yeah, April was a little hectic, so it was just kind of sitting out there, at this point it's still in its base and standing up right outside the kitchen sliding glass door.
  • May - Ahh, here we are, beautiful Memorial Day tree, unfortunately at this point the tree has fallen over because we've had some pretty crazy wind around these parts. But amazingly, it still has all of it's needles, you would think they would have fallen off and spread around the yard by now, nope.

So who's down? From this point forward, Christmas Trees must be kept year round. You buy the tree in 2008 for Christmas, keep it until you get the tree for 2009, and then toss it when normal people will be getting rid of their 2009 trees, and start the cycle again.

It will be the 02 Sense Christmas tradition!