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Monday, May 19, 2008

In Phoenix, We're over the top...

So yeah, today was the first 100 degree day of the year here in Phoenix. Most places on the first day, it's usually 100 or 101, no, not here in Phoenix, we like to go big, so we rocked a lovely 107. I'm sure it hit 110 in some locations, but Yahoo only gives me Sky Harbor's official reading, so that will have to do. The best part about it had to be the 10 mph winds that go with it, so you walk outside to that wonderful feeling of someone blowing a hair dryer behind your neck. So it got me thinking, what else do we do in Phoenix that's a little over the top?

1. Fife Symington III

Governer of Arizona from 1991-1997. What makes him so over the top? we lets see.. He was convicted of Bank fraud in 1997 which forced him to resign a year early due to state law barring felons from holding office. Then later that year stated he witnessed the mass UFO siting known as "Phoenix Lights" and did a panel on it with Larry King speaking about UFO's.

2. Our Sports Arenas

Check this out, we have an indoor football stadium, with natural grass. How does one pull that off? Retractable turf baby. Oh yeah, and we spent about $455 Million on one of the worst football franchises in history, go us. Oh right, that baseball team that won the World Series against the almighty Yankees in their first few years of existance? They had the first retractable roof ballparks.

3. John Sidney McCain III

Oldest mofo to run for president(and actually have a shot at winning) . Even Ross Perot's old ass cant even compare to the longevity of Sen. McCain. Anyone heard of Al Gore in the polical sphere recently? No, he gave up and is persuing global warming after being beaten by W. After getting his ass handed to him in 2000 against Bush in which he was accused of having a child out of wedlock, being insane, and being a homosexual, guess who won the Republican nomination in 2008?

4. SR 153

Of all the useful highways we have here, we decide that we need some useless ones. I give you State Route 153. A 2 mile stretch of road that does nothing but drive past Sky Harbor Airport and then become a street again like nothing ever happened. Like stated in my previous post about Driving in Phoenix, no one really knows what its purpose is, but we spent money to build it anyway damnit!

5. Sky Harbor Airport

You read that correctly, our airport is over the top. Not in the same sense as our ballparks in that they are way expensive, just how crazy it is. City officials expect the airport to serve over 42 million people in 2008. And check this out, a few years back we had record breaking heat that grounded flights because of fears the runway was not long enough to allow planes enough time to gather speed in order to take-off because the air was so thin.