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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Dating a Grammar Nazi

This is what I get for being attracted to smart women. The other day I was told by her that she can no longer read my blog, not because of the topics covered, but that she gets annoyed with me and the way I blog. My problem is not that I don't know what I'm doing, it's that I want to type like I'm thinking, and what you read is directly off of memory some times, so I occasionally doesn't follow any logical time flow and there are commas and periods where they should and should not go.

As most of my friends would tell you, most of my humor is not from what I joke about, but it's my delivery, and if you're sitting in your living room/office/mom's basement it's hard to read delivery unless the author tells you when to pause and where they add emphasis.

Sure, the typo is a pretty common item here on 02 Sense... but that's the fun part. I was asked, "How do you have typos if you use Firefox?! It has a built in spell checker!!" I shrug and go back to misspelling words.

Sure, spelling and grammar mistakes may seem juvenile, but that's my thing. I don't stand here and blog about fart jokes and bodily functions, I blog about the everyday occurrences of my life, and how better to see it through my eyes than to experience it the way I see it. So to all you who demand proper grammar and spelling on this blog, it's not going to happen, suck it up or take your readership elsewhere, for the rest of us...