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Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Think My Mother's a Scientologist

I'm sure anyone who has spent more than 3 hours browsing the web in the last 4 months has heard about the "Anonymous" protests against Scientology. Being the Digg and Stumbleupon fiend that I am, I know all the dates for these protests. Now check this;

Ever since I moved out of my parents house a few years back, we've been getting together roughly every month or so, more recently than over, coincidence? lets take a look.

February 10th - Hmm, a week after The Superbowl, but somehow I was at my parents that day, likely because they had friends in town they wanted me to meet or something.

March 15th - The ides of March, also, my Aunt's birthday brunch, putting me there from 11a - 2p.

April 12th - Unfortuneately I cannot blame this one on my mother, this one is because I had a friend in the hospital.

May 10th - Mother's day lunch w/ family. Now, here's where things get interesting, mothers day is the 11th... Mom, is there something you need to tell us?

Now I'm sure all these dates are pure coincidence, but it makes for interesting speculation. I'm not one to go out and protest them anyway, since I don't know anyone in there, and I haven't really read up on their "crimes" anyway. Oh and it was 92 outside yesterday anyway.

I'm willing to bet that even if there were ulterior motives behind her actions, it's not because she's a Scientologist trying to keep protesters away, I'd bet that she's heard of the protests as well, and wants to keep her little baby boy out of harms way and away from those nasty "Cyber Terrorists" or "Fair Game"ing Scientologists.