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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Graduation to Remember

For almost anyone, your highschool graduation is a day you will never forget. For me it was a few years ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. For my little brother who just graduated on the 22nd, he had a little bit extra to go with his.

Lets start out by saying May in Phoenix is supposed to be hot, we prepare for these things, as do our guests. According to Wikipedia, the average high temperature for Phoenix in May is 104. And anyone who read my post earlier this week about being over the top, it was 107 on Monday. Now, the glory in all this, we have family that came in town from literally all corners of the US, Washington, Maine, and Georgia.

As the day arrives it becomes very overcast and it starts to cool off. "The bastard," I think to myself, when I graduated it was 114, and he gets a nice 80. As the night starts to roll around it starts to get cooler and cooler, and then the wind kicked in. At 7:00pm, when the ceremony was set to start it was 44 with windchill. As I sit there in shorts and freezing my ass off, the ceremony starts. Luckily the speakers realized everyone was generally uncomfortable and cut some out of their speeches and the person reading the names sounded like an auctioneer, the poor principal who was taking pictures with the grads was going from side to side non-stop for about an hour because they had just over 400 graduates.

On a side note, hearing the principal improvise his speech to add in a bit about the weather was pretty funny. As he is talking about how far all the graduates have come since day 1 as Freshman to the point they are at now, and all they have in front of them, he makes the comment, "All I hope is that when you all grow up and start your careers, you will be able to move somewhere warm." Clever.

The best part of the night is when they got to about the "s" part of the class and the stage started to fall apart because of the wind. It was a 4 piece wood backdrop that had a painting on it and parts 2 and 3 collapsed in 2 directions, 1 forward toward the podium, the other backwards onto the sound equipment.

Even before the final word was given, caps were thrown and people were running to go. We don't work well in cold here folks.

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For those interested about some updates on my ScrewU StumbleUpon post, here's the stats for today:

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So it is improving day by day, but this is also helped by the fact as I post more, more sites are entering the SU database.