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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ScrewU StumbleUpon!

Ask any blogger about Stumbleupon's ability to generate traffic, and many people will tell you some almost unreal stories. Ladies and Gentleman, I'd like to give StumbleUpon the middle finger. Sure, many of you will say, "well Troy, you're posts just don't appeal to stumblers, so it doesn't generate stumbles." Well that's all fine and well if I didn't get consistently over 20 thumbs up per page.

Don't get me wrong, I love stumbleupon for browsing the web, I have almost 5000 thumbs under my belt, and who knows how many pages I've browsed without giving a thumbs up. But it just doesnt seem to work well for me as a blogger.

My most recent post, "Phoenix: We're over the top", at last count, had 25 people who gave it a thumbs up on stumbleupon. You would think this would generate some traffic, well everyone, I give you my Analytics stats for that page for today:

14 13 00:00:04

That's right everyone, that page received 14 page views from stumblers today.

I'm going to have this page submitted to SU, and I know it's against Stumbleupon success rule #1 to bash stumbleupon on stumbleupon, but I'm willing to bet Digg will generate more traffic than Stumbleupon. So if you honestly believe that SU can generate the kind of traffic people say it does, go ahead and give some of my pages thumbs up. Maybe it's because my stumblers are weak, it's possible.

Next person to tell me they love stumbleupon because it generated over 1000 uniques to their blog in 1 day gets punched in the fleshy part of the throat. Don't tempt me, I'll do it.

So let's see, I will track the success of my blog with SU vs Digg vs Entrecard and we'll see who comes out on top. I'm going to start experimenting with reddit, so who knows, reddit might own all...


Alfred saforo said...

You have probably been stumbling your own posts or letting the same people stumble you over and over. They are on to you Dude. read this.

Michael Aulia said...

Well, I had a 7000 traffics in a day from a post stumble (15 people at that time stumbling) once.

Nowadays, I'm only getting 30-50 a day from StumbleUpon :[

Don said...

SU is good i mean my site has only been live for about a week and a half and has got 18k plus traffic due to stumbles (one on different posts etc)

Well gonna stumble you (though its not strong) lets see how you do! i want an update tomorrow!

Forest said...

I just recently launced a new blog.

I got the first post stumbled and received over 5000 visitors!! Never seen this happen before.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the people who thumbs-up your page are mostly spammers trying to promote their page on SU. I am glad their system is working and not pushing traffic to the page.

monkee said...

My friend, let me state that there is no rule and if there is it will change as soon as you think you have it. I wanted that short cut to get huge UV's but alas there is no such thing. I have spent hundreds of hours reading up on SU but all of the info I found was people that posted those "tips" in hopes that they would get traffic because of that post.

Think of it this way, SU is all about sharing and making friends. Do it, discover new things. If a friend sends you a review review 5 of his posts. It's all karma, I swear it works. How do I know, SU sent 600,000 ppl my way in the last 4 months.

Dont believe me? http://monkeychapps.stumbleupon.com/
Write as you'd normally write don't try to write for anyone else. Only 1 out of 7 of your posts will see significant traffic and it wont be the post you like best and it will come after you forgot about it because someone somewhere gave it a thumbs up or down.

Save yourself allot of work and heed my words. The only hints I have are

Use pictures

Make the post no more than a few paragraphs

Be controversial " reasons I hate gypsy midgets and those smelly French"

Have fun and write what you love