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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Had a Gun Pointed at Me!

So, armed robbery isn't a popular crime here in Phoenix, but somehow I almost got myself shot. Now before everyone jumps to conclusions about how I was waiting for a bus, or I was standing in line at a bank being robbed, I want to quell that myth now.

I was shopping for a Christmas Tree....

Yeah, so imagine this, as you can see from a previous post, I live kind of out there in regards to Phoenix, still technically Phoenix, but not really close to anything, this includes Christmas Tree Lots. So we go to drive into town to see what we can find and eventually we find a place, nice North Phoenix, almost Scottsdale, nice place. Well, as we're walking in, being the dumb ass I am, I accidentally kicked over the soda in the center console of the car (as I was riding in back.) So we stop our walk and I start to clean it up.

So we start to walk in and I think to myself "Holy Shit, is that Rick D'Amico? Holy shit, that IS Rick D'Amico", which isn't as impressive as the following story, but hey, I met a local celebrity. Then again I went to High school with his daughter, so that's not a surprise.

So here we are, just about to walk into this place and we hear a big commotion coming from the inside, and we see 2 dudes grab the cash machine and take off running. As they are looking back to make sure no one is following them, they're sitting there waving a pistol around in the air. Luckily, working retail and having it ingrained into my mind not to chase the thieves, I stood there, like a good little puppy. The funniest part of all this was watching the register tape go trailing around the corner, kinda like when you leave the restroom and you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

Ok, so I personally didn't get robbed, but had I not seen the gun (like my oblivious roommate) I may have chased after the guys and gotten myself shot. Seriously, who robs a Christmas Tree lot?!


Michael Aulia said...

Ugh.. lucky you were okay and nobody was hurt though