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Friday, July 4, 2008

I Love Spellcheque

So everyone knows that a computer(at least for the next decade) is not smarter than the human using it. The greatest part of this fact is the wonderful world of spell checking, because the computer can really only check your spelling, not the context of the sentence and which spelling is correct, if you look at the title of this post, according to any spell checking program,that is spelled correctly because cheque is a correct word.

So I decided to do some searching to see what Word and Firefox will try and correct, various words to that would make no sense in writing, but according to those programs, are correct.

The first one I noticed was in my "My Co-Workers are Idiots" post, when I used the phrase USofA, the spellchecker decided that my spacing was incorrect, and instead of telling me to use "US of A" it decide to have me spell "U Sofa." I don't know WTF a U Sofa would be, but it definitely sounds comfortable.

Also, according to Firefox's spellchecker, people should not be playing World of Warcraft, instead, it's best they play World of Watercraft, as that is spelled correctly.

Currently in my wallet, I carry an "Amex", to a human, that makes sense, unfortunately to the computer it thinks I misspelled Amen, which is understandable, but my question is, how bad you have to fail at typing to accidentally hit the x key instead of the n key? It's on the complete opposite side of the f-ing keyboard.

Toggan is the username I use for both Digg and Stumbleupon, and whenever I type it, my screen tells me I'm and idiot and I don't know who I am, I am obviously trying to type Toboggan, and I just managed to miss both the b and the o. Seems logical.

On the topic of usernames, even username is incorrect, sure, you may be thinking that it will want to add a space and make it "user name" but no, it decided that you actually want to type tournament. I'll attach a picture just to prove it, this one is way out in left field.

Anyone else seen any crazy spell check options? Put em in comments so we can all see them.