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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stats After 6 Months

So let's take a look, I've always complained about social media sites and how it never works out of them for me, so I'd like to share with you guys the way things break down for me. Let me know if I should be focusing my time elsewhere or what. Here's what we got:

  1. reddit.com
  2. stumbleupon.com
  3. entrecard.com
  4. (direct)
  5. digg.com
  6. google / organic
  7. blogger.com
  8. del.icio.us
  9. mixx.com
  10. monkeychapps.com
  11. propeller.com
If you look to the right, you'll notice that all of my photo pages are on the top, there's a reason my photo pages are the highest for this blog, reddit likes photos, check this out:

Landing Page
  1. /2008/06/google-thinks-i-have-problem.html
  2. /2008/06/2-girls-1-cup-meets-warped-tour-2008.html
  3. /2008/06/photo-dump.html
Part if it, I think, is just the fact that you can't explain your article in reddit like you can in Digg, or get it referred like you can in StumbleUpon, so that [PIC] tag will go a long way on a reddit post. So typically I judge my StumbleUpon traffic for more of an accurate gauge of how my posts are being received.

Landing Page
  1. /2008/05/must-be-mental-handicap-part-2.html
  2. /2008/05/in-phoenix-were-over-top.html
  3. /2008/05/screwu-stumbleupon.html
  4. /2008/05/how-to-drive-in-phoenix.html
  5. /2008/06/photo-dump.html
It's almost night and day, also, stumbleupon is showing a lower bounce rate, for some pages as low as 30%, there were days where reddit was giving me bounce rates of over 95%.

Everyone loves looking at search engine traffic, and this page is no exception to the bizarre traffic rule, I've only had 3 that have shown up more than once, and here they are:

  • how to be a good president x3
  • driving to phoenix humor x2
  • facts about the presidency x2
Here are the funnier ones that only popped up only once:
  • rebate on fleshlight
  • service pack 3 fucked up my computer
  • fraudulent itunes charges to credit card (how the fu--?)
  • 2 girls 1 cup (I'm impressed I actually pulled this one off)
Here's a nice one to freak out Microsoft, they always say IE has the highest user base on the net, the only problem is that most people who actually BROWSE the web, don't typically use IE, those people just check email and watch Youtube videos. Here's the browser breakdown for this site:

  1. Firefox - 76.14
  2. Internet Explorer - 16.84
  3. Safari - 4.56
  4. Opera - 1.62
  5. Other - 0.45
  6. Netscape - 0.16