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Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Hobbies in the Digital Age

So as time change, we're forced to change our hobbies as well, stamp collecting is out, browsing the web is in. Here are 5 ideas for hobbies I've recently picked up that I'm sure everyone will enjoy

1. Wikipedia Grammar Nazi - Now, this is not your typical grammar nazi who will correct everything they see and scream obscenities at the author and demand it be changed. What I like to do is simply browse Wikipedia for articles I care about or want to learn more about, and notice how many times the person incorrectly uses a comma or misspells a word, bonus points if it's a word that would not be picked up in spell check.

2. Google Street View Parking Cop - Seriously, what's better of making fun of stupid people? I recently started this one when I was checking out the street view for the part of San Diego I was going to and noticed some dude who could arguably been the worst parallel parker, EVER.

3. Digg Stalking - Ok, so this one isn't as much as a hobby as it's just fun. Create an account on digg for the sole purpose of digging everything someone else does. Bonus points if you have no idea who they are, extra points if they send you a message because they noticed something.

4. Positive Forum Trolling - Everyone is used to the forum troll, some idiot who gets sick joy out of being a pain in the ass. This works the other way, show up on a random forum and pick the first screen name you say and write a post about how great of a person they are. FYI: Make sure said person is not a troll first, then the point is lost.

5. Time Traveling - Create a series of websites in tinyurl.com that go back to the same time in archive.org. After this, create a list and pretend your browsing the web back in 1998. Or use it to confuse your friends into thinking that they fell into some time warp... assuming they are gullible to think http://tinyurl.com/36hj8 is actually the url for google now.