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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Navy Blue is the New Black!

No, I'm not here to educate you on the new fashion trends and how you need to wear your hair in August, I want to point out a sad little trend in state politics.

I'm sure everyone can gather by my post topics, I happen to live in Arizona. Which also happens to be the home of Senator John McCain, Republican Presidential Nominee, if you lived under a rock for the last few months. That little bit of knowledge aside, I have come to a conclusion:

The Republican Party only hires 1 good graphic designer, everyone else just copies their idea.

Case in point:

Sam Crump, incumbent nominee for the Arizona state legislature, his campaign sign looks very familiar...

Where do I know that logo... Where do I know that logo from? Oh that's right...

It's a play on the Navy and Star logo that McCain is using, hooray for word association, I must now vote for Sam Crump because he reminds me of John McCain. My money's on the fact this isn't as prevalent in other areas of the country, but most likely because McCain will win Arizona pretty heavily, since hes been the state senator for a bazillion years.

Given it's not an exact match but since most state legislature campaign signs are going to be right on the side of the road, and the only exposure you will have to it will be a quick drive-by, I'd say this is a pretty good campaign strategy for Mr. Crump, unfortunately his slogan is a little bit of an oxymoron.